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June 7, released mirror's edge: ' catalyst ' long overdue sequel to mirror's edge 2008 event ' developed by EA dice and electronic game "Arts posted by. Like the original, with a grand, hyperrealistic cityscape traversing player a first-person platformer ' catalyst '. Believe in the catalyst Chic Red running shoes, and finally glass Connors city citizens of a massive grid rules referred to as keeping under constant surveillance through a network of oligarchy to overthrow a corporate mission for the player. Believe second place, to connect to the grid to refuse for a group of rebels living on rooftops.

Mirror's Edge

Unfortunately, this setting tells the story "catalyst" is the weakest part of the game. All characters are much softer and more overtly symbolic name often one-sided, player actions or conversation with telling about any of it. So hard it Iceman ' top gun. ' sounds like a failed audition to play his opponent trying to become a hotshot runners Icarus, first-person game, get confidence if this story directly played games we hope to get Icarus seriously, but I think faith is just like her humoring.
As the plot is quite weak, "catalyst". Most of the story telling people that somehow this is a roundabout way to just technobabble is explained through some believe to be the will to live. Twists hardly foreshadowed, overly convenient and just not very interesting. In addition, the end is incredibly anticlimactic and far more stress and last mission before a happy ending from the mission. Still, at least it's an ending, more than I can say about that is "mirror's edge."
Mirror's edge ', with ' catalyst ' greatest strength is their story, but gameplay. Broken down to its essence, the main gameplay vaulting, climbing and sliding, obstacles, from point b. point A wall to get are running through urban environments in this regard, "catalytic" platforming elements says little for the first game but the original free running gameplay ' catalyst ' to keep the fun did not need to change anything is quite solid.


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